the beautiful foolishness of things


with the fall of its last petal
the flower revealed her
in all her unseen splendour.



one day she revealed
that the opacity of things
was but the glean.



her secret lay
in letting others
seek her.



even their obscurity
she tended with light.



they were her dream,
and she theirs.



they remained susceptible to longing,
for bliss was but the shadow of desire.



with few exceptions,
they preferred the luxuriant,
the profuse, the fertile.
yet seeing that they would often
lose themselves within it,
she had her ways to remind them
of the essential.



many found her vague
or inapparent;
yet she was anything but.
whenever necessary
she would supply
the world as proof.



it was also necessary
to become aware
that blood
coursed through the veins
of silence.



for those who had lost sight of her,
she left a trail of tears
dappling the pale blue of the sky.


just so you know...

Wedding the images of Roxana Ghita with text by Michael Tweed, the beautiful foolishness of things is the gentle companion to however fallible: the revolution of everyday life.

Unless otherwise noted all images © Roxana Ghita, text © Michael Tweed.